2x live performances, 1999/2001
10x C-prints, 50 x 70 cm, edition 5, 2001
1x Polaroid, 56.4 x 89.4 cm, edition 1, 2001
1x Mini-DV, Silent, 3:49 min, edition 4, 2001


The Superwoman project consists of a series of performances, photographs and short videos produced from 1999 onwards.

Superwoman is a everyday heroine who moves between idea and real existence. She represents the part of us who perhaps is the most real after all. Through public performances I sought to create an outsider, but became visible through interactions with other people and their responses. The feelings and reactions I evoked in the people I met became a visualization of the outsider in us all.

The video ‘Superwoman Goes To Work’ pays homage to the invisible in life and the invisibles; the outsider in us all, our dreams, fantasies and inner life. Superwoman is somehow invisible to others, and quite misplaced in her environment, yet she represents the unfailing human spirit. She is in all of us.



  • 20 Athens Video Art Festival, Athens, 2006
  • Directors Lounge 2006, Berlin, 2006
  • Island Art Film & Video Festival, London, 2005
  • Maratón del Cortometraje, Seville, Spain, 2005
  • The GallerynightsNIGHT, Malmö, Sweden, 2004
  • LaIsle.Com Hole 2004-02, Rio de Janeiro, 2004
Superwoman in Scotland

Scottish National Portrait Gallery performance

Superwoman at Dean Gallery

Dean Gallery performance