In my artistic practise I am interested in looking at the human being as an outsider and how we survive in extreme situations and environments.

I see landscapes as a stage, where I create scenes and stories, fictive and real. Through performance, photography and video, as well as sound and installation, I aim to explore how emotions can be expressed visually or symbolically, as well as how psychological and physical aspects relate to each other and in symbiosis show how we are.

By using humour I create absurd symbolical images and stories about humans trials and errors as we stumble through life.

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I am deeply honored and thrilled to announce my participation in the exciting art project 100 Norwegian Photographers curated by Ina Otzko.
You can find a selection of my photographs, both on their website and in the gorgeous book published by Hatje Cantz Verlag 

Check out the project and all the 100 Norwegian photographers presented on Facebook and Instagram

You can buy the book in the bookstore or by contacting the curator directly: 
Phone: +47 95862097


My commissioned project As Above, So Below, The Age of Stars at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences Campus Ås is now officially open to the public. Read more about it HERE

You can follow my process and see what new work I am making on INSTAGRAM


"Living with nature" my contribution to Debris Fanzine

“Here is Always Somewhere Else” a documentary about Bas Jan Ader by Rene Daalder featuring my video "I want to be your girlfriend"